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With the retirement of Lego Digital Designer, I felt it was time to recreate the LUT in Stud.io. This has allowed me to combine the model, the parts list, and the instructions all in one file, which will enable future updates to the model to be made more easily. In principle, this is an exact recreation of Version 1.2. Unfortunately, about 5 bricks seem to have "vanished" in the rebuild. Please let me know if you find any errors.

Buying tips:
3006 Tan 2x10 bricks: Never seen, use any colour.
3007 Blue 2x8 bricks: Never seen, use any colour.
2456 Reddish brown 2x6 bricks: Only one is visible. All others may be any colour.
3001 Lime 2x4 Brick: Never Seen, use any colour.
23950 Red Panel 1x3x1: Rare on bricklink, consider using Lego Bricks and Pieces.
11478 Red Technic Liftarm 1x5 Thin: Rare on bricklink, consider using Lego Bricks and Pieces.

Stud.io splits the Technic Universal joint into components 91 and 2x 62520. The Universal Joint is not supposed to be disassembled, and should instead be purchased as 62520c01.

Permission is not given, and will never be given, to use any of these files (images, .io, PDF, etc.) in any way that makes money (e.g. through sale of kits). This is a purely digital model, and has not (yet) been built in real life. It should be a strong and stable model, but it may prove to be fragile and collapse if you breathe on it. Anyone attempting to build this out of real bricks does so entirely at their own risk.

Apollo LUT V1.3.io
Apollo LUT V1.3.pdf