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The Space Defender is a fully functional remote controlled turret based on twin rotary cannons. In asynchronous operation it fires a total of 11 rounds at a rate of up to 2 shots per second. It has similar mechanics as the Automatic Turret and the Twin Turret.
Furthermore it can be combined with the software developed for the D3F3ND3R turning it into a fully autonomous battle station. The twin cannon is small and yet powerful. It can be combined with any tracked vehicle or car.

Acknowledgement: The Space Defender design was inspired by the Twin Gatling Gun developed by LP Technic.

The reloading of the gun is more time consuming than the clip based turret versions. However, the free wheel provides easy rotation of the barrels and simple loading. The loading process requires the following steps:
1. Load the gun that has an already charged lever first. Open the ammo bay and shove the rounds in. Rotate the gun and load all 6 barrels.
2. Close the ammo bay and align the barrel in 3 (or 9) o'clockposition
3. Fire a shot
4. Then load the second gun by repeating items 1 and 2.

Construction notes:
The high mechanical integration makes the build quite difficult. Please use the 3D view of the lxf file for assembling. For easier building there is the lxf file of a single gun that has been cut into pieces. assemble those and then combine them. Build the second gun symetrically and assemble them.
The gun requires steel springs or rubber bands for storing elastic energy. These must be assembled first. For out of phase operation of the two guns the Technic 40 gears must be shiftet by 45°. The freewheel requires two white rubber bands. For installation details see this and that.

The two IR-receivers can readily be replaced by an S-Brick making the design more skinny.

one gun_D.lxf
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Space Defender_D.lxf